Chic Bridals

The Chic Bridals line threads an aesthetic deeply woven into an elegant and timeless allure. Curated in the name of the modern romantic bride with a touch of traditional values, this Canadian designer brand showcases grace, sophistication and creativity. By entwining a classic look and fashion-forward style, Chic Bridals dresses are timeless, diverse, feminine, and tailored to meet the preferences of any bride.

Driven by the passion to tap into the evolution of contemporary design while retaining a sense of tradition, this Canada-based couture brand was established in 2018. Under the creative vision of the renowned designer Noor, the collections are specially tailored to provide a palette of high-quality gowns, adorned with the most exquisite details. With the collaboration with La Maison Bridal Boutique in Ottawa, Ontario Canada; the dresses were given a space to come to life, becoming a symbol of innovation, personality, ethical approach and artistry.

"We have hand-selected each fabric used and ethically sourced them for each design to come to life" – Noor

Having had 10 years of combined experience, this well-versed team fastly attracted the spotlight of the industry, offering a bespoke and personalised journey for every bride-to-be.
The raison dêtre of Chic Bridals is to encapsulate authentic charm and refinement. Available for both Canadian and international brides, the dresses represent an iconic symbol of variety regarding size, customisation options, affordability and a whole palette of shapes and silhouettes. With non-negotiable premium quality, the designs make a statement with timelessness, endurance and uniqueness. Specially curated to serve as beautiful keepsakes that will be adored for many years to come, the Chic Bridals gowns are a true embodiment of the bride’s love story.

Chic Bridals also offers custom dresses! we give the bride an opportunity to work one on one with the designer herself to create a unique design.

“The joy that fills my heart while working with brides is incomparable! From hearing love stories to talking about the deepest of thoughts and memories with my brides. Every single interaction is filled with inspiration, joy and everlasting memories. I am beyond passionate about making dreams come true and I truly feel blessed to be able to do that everyday.” 

Noor Alkhalili