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Sparkle Tulle Veil

Sparkle Tulle Veil

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Introducing our captivating Sparkle Tulle Veil, a celestial masterpiece that will leave you feeling like you're walking among twinkling stars. This modern and exquisite veil boasts a soft silver sparkle that adds a touch of brilliance and drama in the most subtle and enchanting way. As you gracefully glide down the aisle, this veil's celestial charm will create an ethereal aura around you, making your special day truly magical. Embrace the beauty of the cosmos with our Sparkle Tulle Veil, the perfect accessory for a bride seeking a contemporary and mesmerizing touch to her wedding ensemble. 

Presenting our stunning Sparkle Tulle Veil, a captivating accessory that adds a touch of brilliance and modern charm to your bridal ensemble. With a soft silver sparkle reminiscent of twinkling stars, this exquisite veil exudes subtle elegance and a hint of drama. Glide down the aisle with confidence, as the Sparkle Tulle Veil wraps you in a magical aura, making your wedding day even more unforgettable. Embrace contemporary beauty with this enchanting veil, designed to enhance your bridal look in the most graceful and mesmerizing way.

  • Shown Lenght: Cathedral
  • Length Chart:
Size Width(m) Length(m)
Short - 0.65
Fingertip - 0.85
Narrow Cathedral 1.5 3
Cathedral 3 3
Narrow Royal 1.5 3.5
Royal 3 3.5
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