Top 5 Modern Romantic Wedding Dresses for the Brides

Top 5 Modern Romantic Wedding Dresses for the Brides-To-Be

Is your wedding around the corner? It’s time to celebrate the romance between you and your fiance. You can do many things to create a romantic atmosphere. However, the crown jewel of any wedding is the modern romantic wedding dress.

Bridal wear is a personal choice. Everyone is unique, and it’s no different when it comes to wedding dresses. Whether you are a boho bride or someone who loves minimalistic designs, you deserve to find your dream dress that will make you feel your most beautiful self. Whether you wish to go elegant, glamorous, stunning, or dazzling, it’s best to do what you love. 

Chic Bridals top 5 romantic Wedding Dresses

Now, if you are one of the uber-chic brides excited to flaunt the latest designer dresses in Canada, we’ve got just the right deets for you. If you’re on a wedding dress hunt, you’re in luck! Check out the Chic wedding dresses 2022 collection, which has a style for every bride. This blog has compiled the top five modern romantic wedding dresses to make you the slayer queen you are! Let’s look at our picks.

  • Simple Modern Ballgown Wedding Dress
  • It’s a perfect dress for brides who define their style as a modern goddess. This simple modern ballgown wedding dress is adorned with dainty straps and a lace-trimmed scalloped train. It features a silhouette that complements a sweetheart neckline with the lace, adding a romantic touch to a couture bridal look. The swoon-worthy, modern fit-and-flare dress accentuates the ultra-flattering figure, adding beauty & elegance to the bridal look.

  • Classic Vintage
  • A classic vintage dress is for brides looking for a chic, dreamy collection of bridal dresses in Canada. The satin dress with sleek straps and simple vintage details such as a falling neck and a sweeping train are timeless. Besides, they also add a glamorous touch to the bridal look, impelling people to take notice.

  • Modern Long-Sleeve Wedding Dress
  • Long sleeves are hot right now! The eye-catching chic sleeves add elegance and grace to the simple white wedding dress. The fashion-forward attire features a sophisticated square neck with fabric-covered buttons that flow down the back of the dress to the hem.

  • Fancy & Glamorous
  • Fitted silhouettes, hanging straps, shimmers & sparkles all do the trick for the bride who loves the red carpet glam. The Candice dress hugs your curves and transforms your look with a dazzling drape around your body with this modern romantic wedding dress, preparing you for an ultra-glam bridal moment!

  • Modern Plus Size Wedding Dress
  • This simple white dress features a blend of classic and contemporary. It doesn’t show tons of embellishments; instead, the upper portion is made using lace that is both elegant and flattering. A full dress with a modern horsehair hem trails down the body for an elegant bridal look.


    Romance should be at the top of every bride’s wedding desires. And a dreamy wedding dress is what you need for a fairytale wedding - romantic and ethereal! For brides who love the blend of stylish, modern & vintage things, the Chic modern romantic wedding dresses collection in our Chic bridal boutique is an attractive choice.

    Modern weddings are versatile, and so are our bridal dresses. So kick up your heels in these stylish romantic wedding dresses, and get ready to enjoy the best time of your life. After all, it’s all about keeping it chic and elegant! We are the #1 wedding dress designers in Canada, stunning everyone with our excellent collection of wedding dresses. We offer you the wedding dress of your dreams, sophisticated sexiness, and luxury couture. Also, you can check our previous blog for Top 10 Things to Avoid When Buying A Wedding Dress.
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